Our Networks deliver carefully curated content that ensures our audiences are informed and engaged. Learn more about the types of content available on our Networks below.


corus-logologo_globalnewsthe-weather-network-logoINRIX provides unique insight into the movement of people and commerce across transportation networks worldwide. Our services help millions of drivers find a better way to go as well as help cities make our transportation networks work smarter. (PRNewsFoto/INRIX)financial-content-provider-logottc-content-provider-logoets-content-provider-logoHistoricaCanada-Logo-FullColour-v2afp-logodigichief-logo


Our Networks deliver a blend of timely national and regional news, keeping our audiences informed and engaged throughout the day.


Audiences use our networks to stay updated on current and future weather conditions, so they know what to expect when before stepping outside.


Our Office and Residential Networks display real-time traffic updates so our audiences know what to expect on their commute.


Our Office Network and Edmonton’s Transit Network allows audiences to stay up-to-date on stock market information.

Transit Information

Our Transit Network screens are the communication tool passengers rely on for next-vehicle arrival and departure information, service disruptions and delays, planned outages and more.

Sports Content

Audiences can catch the final scores from the previous day’s games, and the scheduled times for upcoming games. The Golf Town Network streams the Golf Channel, with content including golf news, tournaments and tours.